Maartje van den Broek


  • Studied medicine (cum laude) at the University of Maastricht
  • Did PhD research on the outcomes of liver surgery
  • Is a specialized surgical oncologist
  • Completed the Clinical Business Administration course at TIAS

Value for the patient

"I would like to contribute to healthcare that has as much value for the patient as possible. Working at Gupta, I can help think of smart(er) ways to design our healthcare system and help implement these changes. It is essential that all parties in the healthcare system work together to realize widespread changes. I think it is an interesting challenge to unite these different parties. My background in medicine and knowledge of management issues in healthcare prove to be a real asset."

Greater than the sum of its parts

"In teams, we work on complex issues concerning quality, affordability and accessibility of healthcare. The variety in educational backgrounds, personality and experience ensures that a team can become greater than the sum of its parts. Gupta offers me such an inspiring environment in which I can combine my clinical experience and passion for realizing valuable healthcare with strategical issues found in practical cases: for me the perfect step in addition to my clinical career."